We are very much aware that there are a lot of people that have had no formal financial education at all. It is not something that was taught in schools very much and so many people know very little about it unless their parents taught or they learned form what their parents did. Sadly, some parents are not a good role model. This could mean that we go on to adult life fumbling our way and not really knowing what we are doing when it comes to money. We want to help out with this and we have therefore put together some information on this website that we hope will help. There is information about money, different financial products and how to choose good products as well. Hopefully, it will be a starting block to anyone that wants to learn a bit. We hope that it will get people started with thinking about the sorts of things they might need to do that will enable them to improve their situation and hopefully they will go on and learn more so that they continue to improve and make changes until they feel fully in control of their financial situation and can manage their money well.